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Stéphane Beaudoin is a graduate of McGill University in General Agriculture program and is also an agrologist, Member of l’Ordre des Agronomes du Québec. Over the last 20 years, Stéphane has evolved mainly in the fields of agronomy, animal production, animal health, corporate affairs and animal welfare.

Stephane has always had a strong interest and a great enthusiasm for animal welfare. His meeting with Dr. Temple Grandin in 2007 was for him his Epiphany, his moment of enlightenment where he realized how he could amalgamate this passion for animal welfare, science, agri-food and education.

Since then, he has forged his career to fill in some ways his dream to found his own company in animal welfare, which he did in 2013 under the name of GestBEAu (zhest-bō )

Few facts about us

The logic behind the GestBEAu name:
• Gestion Stéphane Beaudoin : meaning Stéphane Beaudoin Management
• Gestion du BEA (Bienêtre animal) uniformisé : meaning standerdized Animal Welfare (AW) Management
• Geste beau ou beau geste : Meaning a graceful or magnanimous gesture , which he seeks to put into practice every day for the cause of animal welfare and in life in general

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