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Name : Fitzgerald & Co

Link : www.fitzgerald-and-co.com

Description :

Fitzgerald & Co. is a sole proprietorship launched in April 2001 by Susan Fitzgerald.

The company specializes in agricultural association administration and project management. Susan has worked in the Ontario agriculture industry for over 20 years and is the Executive Director for the Ontario Certified Crop Advisor Program, the Poultry Service Association, the Ontario Hatcheries Association, and the Presidents’ Council. Some of her other clients include the Ontario Livestock and Poultry Council, Ontario Hatcheries Association, Ontario Pork, Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association and the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association.

Her projects cover a wide range of activities including literature reviews, research and report writing, developing human resource and educational resources, and meeting facilitation.

Martin Michaud, président, MMNA Consultants

Name : MMNA Consultants

Link : http://MMNAConsultants.ca

Description :

Quality is at the origin of success, so make it a good habit!

Biochemist by training, I work like a catalyst by minimizing energy and efforts in order to achieve your goals.  My work also aims to preserve your assets, to leverage your strengths and your positive actions while maximizing the use of resources in place before adding new ones.

Without further delay, I invite you to visit http://MMNAConsultants.ca and  embark, right now, on the path of continuous improvement which will allow you to achieve and exceed your goals.

Partnership with GestBEAu:

I am pleased to be a partner of GestBEAu!

The complementarity of our expertise and the passion that we both share for the food industry are the basis of our commitment to a rigorous quality work.

Improving processes, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance form a whole which is used to propel companies to new horizons.  The devil is in the details but the reduction of production costs, yield improvements, and loss reductions also.

agro genie

Name : Agro-Génie

Link :www.agro-genie.com

Description : Consultant specializing in agri-food sector, Agro-genie has a strong engineering expertise in the handling and processing of solids and liquids sectors.

Results-based Agro-genie is able to form multidisciplinary teams tailored to the needs of your projects. Our flexible structure allows you to bring the know-how in processes, building and project management for the achievement of your objectives in a more competitive way.

kevin grier

Name : Kevin Grier Market Analysis and Consulting Inc.

Link : www.kevingrier.com

Description :

Kevin Grier Market Analysis and Consulting Inc.  Kevin is a respected and connected agriculture and food market analyst with a solid understanding of the economic and industry issues from farm to retail.  Kevin Grier Market Analysis and Consulting is in the business of working with companies, producer organizations, investors and governments to make informed decisions that impact their bottom line.