Sharing animal knowledge

Magon is a Quebec company specializing in the safety and welfare of farm animals. It offers personalized services to agricultural and urban producers to support them in optimizing their practices to improve their profitability and ensure their success.

Our social mission is to share animal knowledge and help promote the humane treatment of animals through education and training.

The hens are laying hens in the household. Hen in the yard. White chicken roost stands at the entrance to his house. Chicken in the hen preparing to enter to lay an egg.
Older man near henhouse

Agronomic know-how and soft skills at your fingertips

Personalized services focused on animal welfare have been developed to inform and support agricultural and urban producers in their husbandry projects. Proximity between the professional and the client is at the center of the business and is put forward in all the services offered.

Why use Magon’s services?

  • The human aspect is in the forefront. You will be listened to and not judged.
  • Your questions and information remain completely confidential, protected by both our professional secrecy and our professional Code of conduct.
  • The resources offered meet a generally neglected clientele (small producers, owners of farm animal pets, animal owners tending towards self-sufficiency).
  • The client decides for himself the level of independence or support he wishes to have with the services offered.
  • Services are accessible to everyone (French / English, evenings / weekends, online).
  • The services are fully independent. Our only focus is your success.

We have been busy preparing the following for you:

  • An online consultation platform with our experts
  • Informative content to enrich your knowledge
  • Pertinent training material
  • Useful links