Our work


(AECOQ) Quebec’s duck and geese producers’ association – Development agent/consultant/trainer

(AQTAV) Quebec Livestock haulers Association – Consultant (since 2009)

Canadian Livestock Transport Certification Program – Instructor and consultant

Communication committee on the Stratégie Québécoise de santé et de bien-être des animaux – Committee member

(CTAQ) Conseil de la Transformation alimentaire du Québec – Consultant

(FPBQ) Quebec Beef Producers’ Federation  – Animal welfare consultant/trainer

(FPOQ) Quebec Egg Farmers Federation  – Animal welfare consultant/trainer

Réseau Agriconseils du Québec – Service provider and agricultural adviser


Confidential client – Scientific literature review (2021)

Confidential client/Poultry slaughter plant – Editing/updating of internal training documents related to poultry transport and handling (Fr-En-Sp) – (2021)

Quebec Beef Producers’ Federation (FPBQ) – Webinars (Fr-En) Regulation in Cattle/Dairy cull cows/calves transport (Eastern Canada) – (2020-2021)

Confidential client/Waterfowl slaughter plant – Development and delivery of waterfowl catching/transport training sessions (2021)

Confidential client/Multi-species slaughter plant – Technical support (HACCP / animal welfare plan) for initial Federal license request (2020)

Confidential client/Hog slaughter plant – Technical support in animal welfare including development of the Preventative Control Plan (2020)

Confidential client/Waterfowl slaughter plant – Technical support in animal welfare and transport. Development of the Preventative Control Plan (2020)

Quebec’s duck and geese producers’ association (AECOQ) – Development agent: Economical profile of the sector; Composition standards; Development of added value claim; Animal welfare auditing system. (2020-2022)

Chicken Farmers of Canada – Podcasts (Fr) on judicious use of antibiotics (2020)

Confidential client/Cattle slaughter plant – Technical support in animal welfare (2020)

Confidential client – Scientific literature review (2020)

Confidential client – African swine fever contingency plan write up (2020)

Confidential client – Training module content for animal sales (2020)

Confidential client – Processes flow analysis and optimization  (2019-2020)

Confidential client – Evaluation and analysis of sensitive agri-food and animal health issues (2019)

Confidential client – Evaluation and analysis of the animal health support program (2018-2019)

Confidential client – Contribution to Canadian chicken life cycle assessment (2018)

Confidential client Expertise and design of pig slaughterhouse flooring (2018)

Confidential client Expertise related to animal insensitivity during ritual slaughter (2018)

Confidential client – Contribution to Feasibility studies/Business plan for the production of table eggs and chicken in northern Quebec (2017-2019)

Quebec’s duck and geese producers’ association (AECOQ) – Development agent : Duck production guidelines project, Duck products valorization project (2017-218)

Quebec Egg Farmers Federation (FPOQ) – Development of spent hens fitness to transport assessment protocols/procedures in harsh whether conditions  (2018)

Client confidentiel – Comparison study of EU Canada regulations (animal welfare and food safety) for the duck industry (2018)

Co-chaired by The Canadian Animal Health Coalition (CAHC) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) – Livestock, poultry and deadstock transport biosecurity guidelines committee (LPDT) . Review of content and deployment of the stakeholders’ outreach through the CLT on-line training platform and face-to-face sessions. (2016-2018)

Canadian Animal Health Coalition Animal Health Emergency Management Project – Hosted the Quebec Dairy producers (2017)

National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) – Focus group member: Development of new Canadian Transport Code of Practice (2018)

CLT Certification Program – National coordinator (14 months interim role 2016-2017)

Quebec’s duck and geese producers’ association (AECOQ) – Writting and delivery of training sessions on waterfowl welfare and transport (2016)

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) – Expert committee member.  Canadian animal welfare assessment tool (hogs) (2016)

Banff Pork Seminar’s Advisory Board – Board member (2016-2019)

CTAQ and AAAQ – Special consultations and public hearings held by the Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries, Energy and Natural Resources (CAPERN) on Bill 54 (September 2015)

Quebec Pork integrator – Valuation of their current animal welfare program (2015)

Quebec Poultry packer association (AAAQ) – Turn-key animal welfare and handling training program (2014-2015)

Quebec Egg Farmers Federation (FPOQ) – Turn-key animal welfare and handling training program (2014-2015)

Quebec Beef Producers’ Federation (FPBQ) – Animal welfare and handling videos (YouTube). Auction markets: animal handling and welfare training sessions. (2014-2018)

Ontario Poultry Service Association – Execution of a training strategy for their members. (2015)

Farm and Food Care (Ontario) – IMPACT program: Veal handling script for training video. (2015)

Centre de développement du Porc du Québec (CDPQ) (2016-2018) – Special adviser on transport committee.

Confidential client/Poultry slaughter plant – Turnkey awareness session for producers on roles & responsibilities related to animal welfare in the transport of poultry (2015)

Veal integrator – Turnkey training program on handling & welfare 101 (2014)

Canadian Livestock Transport (CLT) Certification Program (2010) – Contributed to the new CLT hog module based on latest codes of practices.


(completed across Canada since July 2016)

Independent auditor:

Canadian Hatchery Federation program

North American Meat Institute Slaughter and Transport (Cattle, veal, hog, poultry)

Ducks -private program (production claim audits – hatchery, farms, feedmill, slaughter)

Freelance or sub-contracted auditor:

Chicken Framer of Canada, third party audits across Canada

Turkey farmers of Canada, third party audits across Canada

Egg farmers of Canada, Third party audits mainly Quebec

Egg farmers of Ontario, Third party auditor in Ontario

A&W – Animal welfare and heath (transport and slaughter) Beef, Chicken, GMP, GDP, across Canada

Whole Food Market, Animal welfare Chicken, Swine, across Canada

American Humane, Cage Free layer certification, mainly Quebec

McDonald’s, Cage Free layer certification, mainly Quebec and Ontario

Canadian mink breeders, Third party auditor, mainly Quebec

Agro-Com audits related to specific chicken, turkey and pork claim programs (antibiotic free, hormone free, grain fed, etc.)