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•  2017  Les Producteurs de Bovins du Québec (Quebec Beef Producers )

New video clips for the preparation et marketing of dairy veal cattle: animal welfare

•  2015-2016 Quebec Duck and Geese Producers Association

CLT + Animal Welfare supplemental content/training

•  2015- __  Conseil de la Transformation Alimentaire du Québec

Consultation and support to members on animal welfare issues.

•  2015 Poultry Service Association (Ontario)

CLT + Animal Welfare supplemental training

•  2014/2015 Quebec Poultry packer association (AAAQ)

CLT + Animal Welfare supplemental content/training
Additional communication tasks

•  2014- __  Quebec Egg Farmers Federation (FPOQ)

CLT + Animal Welfare supplemental content/training
Animal welfare specialist on various committees

•  2015 Quebec Beef Producers Federation (FPBQ)

Auction markets: animal handling/welfare training

•  2015 Farm and Food Care (Ontario)- IMPACT program

Veal handling script for training video.

•  2015 Centre de Développement du Porc du Québec (CDPQ)

Animal transport specialist on Hog Transport committee.

•  2014 One Quebec Poultry packer

300 broiler producers trained on roles & responsibilities related to animal welfare in the transport of poultry

•  2014 Quebec veal production organization

Animal welfare and veal handling 101 to employees, partners and customers.


• Poultry 

• Cattle/Veal

• Hogs




Quebec Ag Communicators (RCC/CTAQ/UPA)


Quebec Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Ministry (MAPAQ) – Quebec Strategy for Health and Welfare of Animals

Canadian Meat Council – 2015 Technical Symposium

Special consultations and public hearings held by the Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries, Energy and Natural Resources (CAPERN) on Bill 54 – for CTAQ and for AAAQ

AGM of Quebec Beef Producers’ Federation


AGM of Canadian Egg Farmers

AVIA (Quebec Animal Industry Vet Association) technical day


gestbeau Formations CLT


  • Special contributions:


2017-            Focus group member : Development of new Canadian Transport Code of Practice. Organized by the National Farm Animal Care Council.

2017-            Expert committee member.  Canadian animal welfare assessment tool. Organized by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

2016-2017  Member of working group. Hog Transport: Centre de Développement du Porc du Québec

2016-2018  Committee member: Livestock, Poultry and Deadstock Transportation National Biosecurity Standard. Organized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Canadian Animal Health Coalition.

2016-2019  Banff Pork Seminar Advisory Committee

2016-2017   Coordination mandate for the Canadian Livestock Transport Program (CLT)

2016-              Committee member.  Communication cell of the Stratégie Québécoise de santé et de bien-être des animaux.

2015  Bureau de Normalisation du Québec (Quebec Egg Layers On-farm welfare audit protocol)

2013 Contributed to the new CLT hog module

2010 Project coaching and steering for Québec Pork Producer Federation (FPPQ).

Mandate was to build animal welfare content and training modules intended for producers and transporters.

2009 + Consultant for the Quebec Livestock Trucker Association (AQTAV)