Recognized and customized training

Gestbeau contributes to the development and success of its customers by providing training on many aspects of animal welfare, such as rearing, handling and transporting of animals. As a result, animals are better off and customers derive greater value from the animals under their responsibility while improving their trust capital with their customers and the public.


Animal rearing implies great responsibilities for animal welfare. Gestbeau works with several sectors to promote best practices and the optimization of animal welfare.

Gestbeau has the capacity to develop and offer training or collaborate in the deployment of private or collective training for the care of animals.

Species covered to date livestock/transport/slaughter:

  • Poultry: Chicken, Hens, Ducks
  • Pigs
  • Bovine: Calves, Cull Cows, Cattle
  • Horses: Transport mainly

Livestock transportation

Animal transport is a must for animal production. A lot of care and hard work is invested in rearing. Animal transport can easily interfere with all these efforts. It is essential to ensure the competence of all stakeholders involved.

Transportation is also a potential source of stress for animals. They deserve our respect and compassion. Every effort must be made to provide them with the best possible conditions and to spare them from avoidable suffering.

Gestbeau’s trainings optimize all aspects of animal transport.

Expertise in animal transport

In 2007, the founder of Gestbeau began his involvement in the popularization of the principles of handling and humane transport of farm animals.

Since then, he has also been involved in the deployment and development of various animal transportation certification programs (Canada and the United States) as a certified trainer.

Knowledge of best practices and current regulations is shared through customer-friendly training. The content is designed to maximize learning and contextualization in the reality of customers.


This segment of the supply chain is no exception to animal welfare obligations. This sector is heavily regulated and authorities have high expectations of operators.

Gestbeau has the expertise to help establishments set up and deliver their animal welfare training that covers all aspects of the animals under their responsibilities (from reception to slaughter). The support proposed by Gestbeau also includes the analysis and development of the Preventive Control Plan (PCP) to ensure that all relevant aspects will be covered during the training.